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Learn about the gut brain eye connection

Learn about the gut-brain-eye connection – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I wanna talk about one of my favorite topics which is the gut-brain connection. Cause guess what I’m an optometrist I love the eyes, right. we don’t see with our eyes we see with our brain, so our gut and our brain are connected. We can’t talk about eye health without talking about gut health.

There is this something called the vagus nerve that goes from the gut to the brain that sends signals. It can send signals of information, it can send signals of anti inflammation. We obviously want to activate those – we want to activate these signals of anti inflammation and so in order to do that diet is huge. Being an anti inflammatory diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits, I like to see a three to one ratio of vegetables to fruits, lean protein, healthy fats. These can really get us where we wanna be.

The Gut-Brain Connection – Vision for a Lifetime – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I wanna talk to you about how gluten affects your gut lining and then how that can in turn affect your eye, cause your gut and your brain are connected. We don’t see with our eyes we see with our brain, so the same linings of your gut line your eye. If you have gluten and there is an argument to say that we’re all sensitive to gluten at varying degrees. But what happens is gluten gets that these tight junctions in your colon that goes like this, I’m sorry your intestine that goes like this. And when gluten is in the intestine it hits that those tight junctions and causes inflammation, so when you have tight tight junctions that are stuck together nothing can penetrate.

When you have food, these tight junctions open a little bit let the good nutrients out and then they shut really quickly. What happens with gluten, especially if you have a gluten sensitivity, gluten bangs bangs on the drum on these tight junctions and they open and they start to separate. And that’s how we get leaky gut irritable bowel syndrome.

So many digestive problems in this country because we have leaky gut we have leaky gut and these tight junctions have been destroyed. We are leaking toxins into our body that’s gonna trigger a whole host of problems especially a ton of different auto-immune conditions. So worrying about the gut, making sure we don’t have leaking gut and trying to avoid gluten as much as you can. Even if your not allergic to gluten is a really good idea for total body health and eye health vision for a lifetime.

The Gut-Brain Connection – Vision for a Lifetime

Dr. Brown reminding you how important deep, conscious breaths are to overall eye health and wellness

Optometrist Dr. Brown reminding you how important deep, conscious breaths are to overall eye health and wellness – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I’m coming at you to talk about stress and how it affects our eyes. So stress can affect our whole body, I truly believe that stress is what creates disease and so if we work on de-stressing ourselves we can prevent a lot of problems in the eyes, the brain and the entire body. So, stress, let’s all take a deep breath with that cause its a big topic, breathe in and out.

How good do you feel? Just a breath, we can breathe throughout the day and that tells our bodies its ok. Whenever fear or situation that were under that’s causing us stress, one breath can tell your body its ok and can calm it down. And then what happens is your body starts to send calming chemicals throughout its whole system, so everything can calm down. If we just let stress, stress, stress build, we walk around all tight something is gonna pop. So remember Dr. Brown told you next time you’re feeling so stressed like a stress bomb mess, stop and breathe.

Prevent or even reverse diabetes – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I’m going to talk to you about diabetes. So, a lot of people have the notion that diabetes runs in their families so I have a lot of patients that come and they’re like “Diabetes runs in my family so I have diabetes. Nothing I can do about it.” Well guess what, news flash even if you have diabetes that runs in your family that does not mean that you have to get it. There’s so many things we could do to prevent diabetes and that is so important to keep your vision healthy for a lifetime. So, come on in and schedule your eye exam to find out how you can prevent or even reverse your diabetes.

Prevent or even reverse diabetes

November Is Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month – transcript

Alright, I’m Dr. Brown and I want to come to you and tell you that November is diabetes related eye disease awareness month. So, all month we’re gonna be coming at you and telling you ways to reduce: 1) Chances of getting diabetes 2) Specifically if you have diabetes, your chances of reducing complications especially in your eye because diabetes is the leading cause of preventable eye disease in this country and it is my mission to prevent it. We’re going to prevent it together.

So, one of the major ways to prevent it is exercise, moving your body. Find something you like to do, do it, 30 minutes 5 times a week. The reason this is important to you especially if you have diabetes because when you exercise it makes your body take up the glucose, take up the sugar out of your blood vessels get it in to the muscles in to where it can be used for energy and out of the blood vessels where it can be toxic for your body. So, exercise, exercise!

Diabetic focus – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown. November is diabetes related eye disease awareness month. So, I’m coming at you all month to give you tips on how to prevent diabetes complications in your eye and even diabetes all together ‘cause that’s the goal, isn’t it? So, diet. Diet is so important. You can have insulin, you can have metformin, you can have all the drugs that are helping you control your insulin levels, your blood sugar but diet is your power.

Making sure to stay away from processed foods, sugar specifically high fructose corn syrup, soda, sweet drinks especially if you are a diabetic. Clear liquid, water, water, water, filtered water as well super important for your body to have clean water. Then we want to load you up with the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that you need. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, fruits are good in a little bit lower quantity because they do have sugar and lean proteins.

Diabetic Focus on Diet

How To Lower Your A1C

How to lower your A1C – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I want to talk to you about diabetes. So, diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness in this country and complications in the eye, you can get bleeding and leaking from the blood vessels. We know now that we can prevent complications from diabetes by keeping your A1C under control.

How do you do that? By diet, making sure that you have a diet full of whole real foods, lots of plants, lots of fruits, lots of whole proteins, lean proteins, exercise is a great way to decrease your A1C. Managing your stress levels is another great way, making sure to keep your body hydrated and definitely if you have diabetes, get your yearly eye exams.

Your Eyes are the Window to Your Soul – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today I want to talk about how your eyes are the window to the soul. Now, I know that is really esoteric just calm down, stay with me for a second. How I really look at it is your eyes are a window to tell us the status and health of your entire body. Everything we do affects our brain. We don’t see with our eyes, we see with our brain and I’m always repeating that. Our overall health, we can tell the status of our overall health by looking in the eye.

So, getting eye exams every year is so important because we can prevent things before they manifest as disease in the body. We can see signs in the eye, signs of inflammation, signs of high blood pressure, signs of diabetes, signs of high cholesterol. All of these things we can see in the eye before you actually have symptoms so we can stop it in its tracks before you end up at the doctor being put on medication. We can educate you on lifestyle. There is so much we can do to prevent disease today.

Your Eyes are the Window to Your Soul

How Exercise can decrease stress and ultimately fight glaucoma

Exercise is important – transcript

Hi! I’m Dr. Brown and today we’re going to talk about ways to prevent Glaucoma. So, Glaucoma, you get Glaucoma for a lot of different reasons. But one of the main reasons is stress. So, we need to decrease stress. One of the great ways to decrease stress in our body is exercising.

Exercising is shown… 30 minutes of exercise is shown to lower your eye pressure by 2-6 millimeters of mercury, which is huge because the only drop that we have to treat Glaucoma is going to lower the pressure about that. So, what am I saying? I’m saying that exercise helps you prevent Glaucoma and treat Glaucoma just like the drops we have. So, get out there and start running. We got to get off the couch and we got to move our bodies.

What is Blue Light and How does it Affect You – transcript

Hi, I am Dr. Brown and today I want to talk to you about Blue Light. Blue Light is everywhere. We got iPad, we got iPhones, we have phone watches. Technology is everywhere. The phones are getting bigger. The televisions are getting bigger, we got the HD, the 4K, all the Ks. The more technology, the more powerful these devices become the more blue light that comes out of them. So, why do we care about blue light? Blue light when it goes in your eye, goes to your pupil. The black part of your eye, by the way, is just a hole to the back of the eye, the retina, your brain.

Blue light goes back in there. Sets of these photosensitive cells in your retina which then tells a point in your brain that it is day time. This is a problem at night as you can imagine. Because at night, we want to go to sleep. The lights need to go off, our brains need to shut down and we need to power down for bed. And if we are constantly looking at the phone, our brains buzzing, buzzing we think it’s day time. We cannot get the signal that it is time to go to sleep. So, come on in today to get your blue light blocking glasses.

What is Blue Light and How does it Affect You?

Dry Eye root causes

Dry Eye root causes – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown and today we are gonna talk about dry eyes. So we like to get to the root cause of dry eye a lot of times dry eye has to do we digestive issues and nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. So nutrient deficiencies, let’s get on that specifically. So much research has been done in this area and we know now that there is a deficiency in DHA and EPA which are two omega 3s that a lot of people here fish oil, fish oil take fish oil right it’s all over the place.

So omega 3s are super important and we’re not getting enough of them in our diet. I’m a diet first person but the problem with this omega 3s is the only place to get it is from fresh water fish and right now our oceans unfortunately had issues there’s toxins in the oceans that end up in our fish.

And so we can’t have fish to recommend five or six times a week because we’re worried about getting other issues from ingesting that fish. So if you have dry eye, come on in for an eye exam so I can take a look at you under the microscope and see if you have a deficiency in this very important nutrient and then we can educate you on how to take that, how to clear that up and then how you can prevent and feel better.

Eye exams and health – transcript

So because everything that we eat affects our eyes, our brain and our entire body. Going to the eye doctor can give us a total picture of your overall wellness. So when you go see the optometrist you should have an idea you should walk out of that exam room at least I believe having an idea what your current health status is. And what we can do to improve that current health status. So always about approval baby.

Eye exams and health

Western vs functional medicine

Western vs functional medicine – transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Brown. And today I’m gonna talk to you about the difference between the western model of medicine and the new functional medicine model that is starting to take flight. Which I’m super excited about because that’s the way I love to practice. So western medicine and kinda really the way I was taught in optometry school is we find something wrong with you or the patient that is in front of us. We give a name to it, find the disease and then we find a way to treat it. From me that is usually glasses but sometimes it’s prescription drops, oral medications ________.

What I like to do and what functional medicine does is it looks at the root cause. We don’t wanna just put out the smoke so that the fire is still burning inside of us. We want to find the root, after finding the root it takes some time, it takes some patience and it takes some partnering with your doctor.

So we can do some investigative work to see where that root causes, what it’s causing, where it’s coming from. And then, how can we heal it? And then, the way that we heal it. We have many tools in our tool box besides medication. I’m not against medication we need and I’m grateful for it. But then we use our other tools like diet, stress management, exercise, hydration and sleep. To really get to the root causing the disease.

Your Diet and Healthy Eyes – Transcript

Have you ever wondered if your diet is supporting you to promote a healthy visual system and aid you in preventing disease? I brought a new piece of technology into the practice that can do just that! It’s called a biophonotic scanner. It looks like this, it scans the palm of your hand and in less than a minute tells me your level of antioxidants in your body!! Antioxidants come from many foods, fruits and vegetables have a ton, and they fight inflammation in the body helping to keep us thriving as we age. Thousands of studies have shown that the higher your level of antioxidants, the less likely you are to develop aging eye disorders as well as many other chronic diseases. Call today to schedule your appointment with me, Dr. Brown, to get this test done and empower yourself with knowledge to take control of your health!

Your Diet and Healthy Eyes