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What is HbA1C or A1C?

What is HbA1C or A1C?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes knowing your A1C is very important. This number tells you how your body has been managing its glucose (blood sugar) levels over a 3 month period. The way it determines this is by measuring something called “glycated hemoglobin.” Hemoglobins is a protein in red blood cells that binds glucose or glycates. The more glucose that enters into the blood stream .... the higher the amount of glycated hemoglobin, the higher the A1C will be.

Normal HbA1C - under 5.7%

Borderline diabetes 5.7% - 6.4%

Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis is made when A1C over 6.4%

As a responsible diabetic you will want to know this number because the lower it is... the lower your risk for complications from diabetes.

If you do not know your A1C or haven’t had it checked in over 6 months ... schedule an appointment with your doctor TODAY!