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5 Ways to reduce your HbA1C naturally …

? MOVE MORE! Aim for 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. This does not have to be formal “gym exercises.” Find a type of movement you like to do and do it! Dancing fun for you? Find a dance class to take. Have an animal you love ... take them for a nice long walk. Extra points for doing your movement practice outside in nature for extra a1c lowering effect.

? Eating whole foods, mostly plant-based diet has been shown in research to CURE diabetes. Have unlimited non-starchy vegetables but watch the portion sizes of fruits, proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder so if you have it ... your body cannot process and metabolize foods well, especially carb-heavy foods, so limited the portions of those can help your diabetes management GREATLY! You might want to work with a nutritionist or health coach to reach your goals if this is something you need some help around!

? Stress management. OOOF. This one feels heavy in our modern society. It’s tough. And we have to work really hard to work time into our busy schedules to relax.

? Stick to a meal schedule. Eating too much or too little can make take your blood sugars on a rollercoaster ?ride. Your doctor can help you determine proper eating timing for you.

? Checking blood sugar levels. Work with your doctor to see how often is right for you to be monitoring.