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Diabetes is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE blindness


Did you know that Diabetes is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE blindness in this country?

PREVENTABLE. let that sink it.

It is preventable because we know from research that you can GREATLY decrease your chances of ocular complications by things like adapting a whole, real foods diet, exercise, stress management and staying hydrated.

We also know from research that adding certain supplements can give you the extra protection you need to protect your eyesight.

November is diabetes-related eye disease month which means it’s time to bring awareness and prevention education around this debilitating disease.

It affects 3.5 million Americans over the age of 40.

It is PREVENTABLE because studies show that if you keep your a1c under control you greatly reduce your risk of complications.

Come back to our social media to find out lifestyle tips on how to reduce your a1c naturally.

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