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Eyes on Nutrition

Eyes on Nutrition

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Westfarms Eye Associates, PC, your local Clarifye in Newington, Connecticut.

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I consult with all of my patients about their nutrition, water intake, and exercise. Proper nutrition, hydration, and regular exercise will help preserve and protect your vision for a lifetime.

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There are key nutrients and vitamins that your eyes need to help combat Ultra Violet and Blue light, inhibit damage from oxidative stress and give the eye the proper metals and nutrients to keep the cells especially strong and healthy. The eyes also depend on all the other systems of the body to support it. It is important to realize that your body is a system. No one organ can work without the other; which is why overall health plays a huge role in eye health.

Eyes on Nutrition in Newington, Connecticut

Good Nutrition, exercise, and hydration are powerful forms of preventative medicine. It is never too early to be educated, aware and on a good regimen. Many patients wait until they have signs of ADD, Glaucoma, neurotrophic diseases, MS, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, allergy, blepharitis, and dry eye to implement nutrition changes. The truth is if they had developed these habits early on, they likely could have prevented the disease in the first place. I consult our patients about nutrition and supplementation to assure they have all the building blocks they need for clear vision for life.

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